Powr of You unfortunately has no control over this - Android disabled the Accessibility permission on some devices and we cannot prevent this. However, on most devices, you can disable app optimization for Powr of You under Settings to stop it from disabling the accessibility permission every time. This is usually found in Settings > Battery

Note: If Powr of You is running on an SD card (external storage), that means it's "unavailable" when the system boots This can turn off accessibility.  Try moving it back to main storage.

Where to find the setting on a Samsung phone

The exact location of the permission may differ on different devices and different Android Operating Systems. Here are a few examples

  1. For example on the Samsung S5, go to Android Settings > General > Battery
  2. Look under App Optimization and select Details
  3. Then find Powr of You and turn the App Optimization option OFF

When to find the setting on a Huawei phone

On other devices, you may have to specify that Powr of You should be ignored in battery optimization. 

  1. For example, on Huawei phones, go to Settings > Apps > Advanced Options > Ignore Optimations 
  2. Toggle "allow" for Powr of You