We've recently seen that in some Android users' phones, they are getting a security warning when turning the Accessibility service permission ON, screenshot example:

After reviewing the issue further we've found that this is not an issue specific to the Powr of You app - it's an issue with Android and here are a few references to tracking the overall issue fix.


In order to resolve the issue, users can follow these steps.

Note: in this scenario, user has chosen password for the lock screen security option. Users can choose other lock options such as passcode or fingerprint as well so please adapt the instructions according to your personal settings

  1. Navigate to Settings > Security > Screen Lock screen on your phone. The following screen will appear as follows:
  2. Select the option you used to lock the screen and enable it again. Following message will appear:
  3. Restart the phone
  4. Once restarted, navigate to Settings > Security > Screen Lock and confirm that encryption is now enabled and screen will appear as follows: